2019 Halloween Costume Contest Winners

Submit your Halloween costume photo (one or more!) along with a brief description, and for a chance to WIN Money Prizes.

Online Halloween Contest Rules & Nominations 2019

There rules are very simple. Read Full Rules.


Costumes will be judged on multiple parameters like homemade/diy, creativity, originality, authenticity etc.

Prize Money

There are prizes worth $100, $50, $25.
The prize money will be sent via Paypal or as a Amazon Gift Card.


Photos should be your own. You can submit upto 3 high quality photos that are atlest 640px in width. No watermarks or labels or filters should be present in the image.


A short description, detailing how you made the costume, how did you get the idea, items & approximate cost. This will be helpful to our readers.


You can submit photos until Nov 20. The winner will be decided by Nov 30. Winners will be announced via email, & our website.

Increase your chances of winning

To increase your chances of winning, you can

Submit your Halloween Photo