Brawny Man Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Brawny Man’s Costume

Brawny Man Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Red Plaid Shirt This is really simple. Get a simple designed plaid shirt in bright red color.
2 Plain White T-shirt A plain white T-shirt that fits you would be just perfect.
3 Blue Jeans What you should look for here is a pair of blue jeans that fit you best.
4 Brown Leather Belt Any simple leather belt in brown or dark color would be perfect.
5 Brown Boots Grab a pair of leather boots in brown color to match with your belt. Pick the kind of shoes that someone would wear to work or woods.
6 Paper Towel Roll How can you call yourself Brawny Man if you don’t carry Brawny towel paper? So get one of those iconic packages and carry it with you.

On the classic Brawny package we’ll see Brawny Man in his iconic look that gives an impression that he’s a woods man or country man. He wears a bright red plaid shirt, a white T-shirt underneath. Although we didn’t see his pants, we can assume that he must be wearing jeans and a pair of brown boots. It’s easy and fun. Check out our list of how to dress like Brawny Man down below!

About Brawny Man

Who would have thought that the man on a logo of a major paper towel brand can become a popular Halloween costume. Brawny, a major brand of towel paper in American, is owned by Georgia-Pacific company. Brawny Man appears to be very manly and, arguably, the face of an old-fashioned American masculinity.