Captain Planet Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Captain Planet’s Costume

Look like the mighty Captain Planet with these pieces.

Captain Planet Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Red Shirt Get this planeteer shirt to start.
2 Blue-grey body paint You may also apply this body paint on the face and upper body.
3 Blue-grey tights For your pants, wear this pair of tights.
4 Brief Layer this brief on top of the tights.
5 Belt Style the briefs with this belt with gold buckle.
6 Red Gloves You can then put on this pair of gloves.
7 Red Boots Covers Complete the red accents with this red boot cover.
8 Green Wig Then top off the whole look with this green wig.

Captain Planet will surely help you score style points for your next costume gathering. Start the costume by wearing a planeteer-inspired t-shirt and wear it as a cropped top. You can also paint your upper body in a layer of bluish-grey body paint. Then cop blue tights under red trunks to add an accent to the outfit. Nail the costume with a pair of red gloves and red boots, too. Style the costume with a green wig as a finish.

About Captain Planet

Captain Planet is a lead character in the animated film Captain Planet and the Planeteers. The show also follows the group called Planeteers who wish to help the planet in times of need. They call on Captain Planet for problems that they cannot resolve. Captain Planet then appears as a holographic hero that manifests the powers of the Planeteers combined.