Marnie Piper (Halloweentown) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Marnie Piper’s Costume from Halloweentown

Marnie Piper Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Red Shirt For your top, you can choose a printed one.
2 Red Skirt Then match it with your printed midi skirt, too.
3 Bag Carry this bag to add a shiny touch.
4 Purple Cape Drape the cape on your outfit for the magical look.
5 Wizard Hat Then be sure to match the cape with this hat.
6 Red Boots Add another red element to the look with this pair of boots.
7 Rings Wear a few rings if you wish, too.
8 Ancient Notebook Carry this notebook as your spell book!

Marnie mixes a cozy boho look with a witch’s touch. Begin her costume with a printed red shirt and skirt. Then keep the red palette going with a pair of boots and a shiny crossbody bag. You can also top it off with a velvet cape and a wizard’s hat! Be sure to carry an ancient-looking book to complete the costume!

About Marnie Piper

Marnie is a character from the film Halloweentown. She is one of the protagonist in the film which opens with her and her mom Gwen. Marnie wanted to attend a Halloween party at her friend’s but her mom does not allow her and does not tell her why. Her aunt Aggie shows up and encourages them to celebrate Halloween. She finds out that her mother and aunt are witches.