A Care Bear Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Care Bear Costume

Care Bears Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Hot Pink t-Shirt Let’s take Cheer Bear as an example! Wear a plain hot pink t-shirt as the base of your costume.
2 Hot Pink Leggings Pair up your hot pink shirt with hot pink leggings.
3 Hot Pink Tutu Level up your costume with a hot pink tutu.
4 Pink Pompom Ears Headband Don’t forget your bear ears! Wear a pink pompom headband.
5 Care Bear Plush Toy Make sure to bring along Cheer Bear with you as well.
6 White Cardstock Cut this white cardstock into a circle for the base of your belly badge.
7 Assorted Acrylic Paint Draw a rainbow to create Cheer Bear’s belly badge.

Ready-Made Care Bear Costumes

# Item Description
1 Wonderheart Bear Girls Costume Set Turn into Wonderheart Bear with this costume set.
2 Grumpy Bear Adults Costume Set Ahh, the perfect adult Care Bear costume set: Grumpy Bear.
3 Good Luck Bear Adult Onesie Costume Set Try your luck and transform into Good Luck Bear with this costume set.
4 Share Bear Adult Onesie Costume Set Share the happiness and look like Share Bear with this costume set.
5 Cheer Bear Adult Onesie Costume Set Keep on spreading the joy Cheer Bear with this costume set.
6 Funshine Bear Womens Deluxe Costume Set Look on the bright side and become Funshine Bear for the day with this costume set.
7 Bedtime Bear Womens Deluxe Costume Set This costume set is another relatable Care Bear for adults: Bedtime Bear.
8 Yellow Footed Jumpsuit Look like Funshine Bear when you wear a yellow footed fleece onesie.
9 Felt Fabric Make a smiling sun to match Funshine Bear’s belly badge.
10 Yellow Bear Ears Match your onesie with a pair of yellow bear ears.
11 Yellow Gloves Keep to the theme with a pair of yellow gloves.
12 Funshine Bear Toddler’s Full Costume Set Transform your baby into a Care Bear with this costume set.
13 Funshine Bear Adult’s Full Costume Set Don’t want to DIY? Get this costume set instead.

The Care Bears are different colored bears who live in the Kingdom of Caring, in the land of Care-a-lot. They are sort of like guardian angels who help little children during their childhood. Each Care Bear has a specific job to do and that can be seen on their belly badges.

Looking like a Care Bear is easy! Just remember to wear a majority of the color of your chosen bear and stick their belly badge on your tummy for maximum effect. Here’s everything you need to look like a Care Bear:

A Care Bear is a brightly colored bear with a unique belly badge that symbolizes their personality. There are many care bears today but only 10 were original from the 1981 painted greeting cards. Some of the popular care bears are Tenderheart Bear, Birthday Bear, Good Luck Bear, etc.

Looking like a Care Bear is easy. You will need to wear a brightly colored onesie, brightly colored bear ears, and create your own belly badge from felt fabric.

About Care Bears

The Care Bears started out as characters painted for a series of greeting cards back in 1981. The artist, Elena Kucharik, used these bears for cards from American Greetings. Due to the characters’ huge success, they can now be seen in TV programs, films, and toys.

Care Bears is a 1985 animated television series, the first for the franchise of the same name, about multi-colored bears that first appeared as characters in American Greetings cards.

The yellow bear, Funshine Bear, was voiced by Nonnie Griffin. Griffin is also known for her roles in Encounter, The Believers, and RoboCop.

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