Dark Fallen Angel Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make a Dark Angel Costume

Dark Angel Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Top, halter, leather This black leather halter top is just the thing a fallen or dark angel would wear; it’s sexy but still very tough looking.
2 Skirt, long, black A long black skirt may not be what you picture when you think of a dark angel, but this skirt is somewhat of a high-low skirt with a cute lace-up accent in the front.
3 Tights, fishnet These fishnet tights aren’t your typical fishnet tights. They are a softer brown color with glitter that make a really cool effect on your legs, you might say an angel effect.
4 Jacket, leather, black To cover up the halter top a bit, and to give off a more hardcore air, this leather jacket is a great item.
5 Wings, angel, black You can’t be a dark angel without your wings. Black feathered wings are the obvious choice for a dark angel.
6 Bracelet, cuff, spiked This cuff bracelet is a cool item to add to your costume to look more hardcore and tough.
7 Boots, platform, black These black platform boots look awesome paired with the rest of this outfit, and really give off the dark and cool vibes that you want.
8 Wig, black, long For a dark angel, long black hair with a sleek effect is the perfect choice.

Dark angel style can be considered goth, but with a definite twist. It is more of a fusion of different styles that give off a sexy and hardcore kind of vibe.

For example, the black leather halter top and chunky platform boots used in this costume can be considered punk or hardcore, and the lace-up high-low skirt could be considered more elegant and goth.

The items in this costume are definitely very cool no matter what way you look at it, and they would look good with things even when you are done with your costume.

Dark Angel Makeup/Hair Look Tutorial

Dark angel makeup is sexy and dark, very similar to what this tutorial will show you.

About Dark Angels

Dark or fallen angels are a concept that have been around for centuries. In various religious books, fallen angels are seen as good angels that have sinned or done a bad deed and have been sent to Hell or Earth as punishment.

This concept has been adopted into entertainment media countless times. One example can be the 2000s TV show Dark Angel which focuses on one version of fallen angel.