Troy Bolton & Gabriella Montez (High School Musical) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez’s Costume from High School Musical

Troy and Gabriella are the lead characters in the hit movie High School Musical.

In one of the iconic musical numbers in the third film (Can I have this Dance?), Troy and Gabriella can be seen dancing to the song in laidback outfits.

Gabriella wears a floral dress with strappy sandals while Troy wears a white shirt, blazer, and denim pants.

Dress like the popular High School Musical couple, Troy and Gabriella, with the clothing pieces below

For Troy Bolton Costume

High School Musical Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Basketball Jersey Tank Get Troy’s smart casual spin with a his 14 East High School Wildcats jersey.
2 Denim Pants Pair top with denim pants.
3 White Sneakers Complete the outfit with white sneakers.
4 Brown Wig Finish your transformation into Troy with a brown wig.
5 Basketball An optional prop
6 Kids costume Full costume is available for kids

For Gabriella Montez

Gabriella Montez High School Musical Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Floral Mini Dress Steal Gabriella’s look with a floral mini dress.
2 Strap Sandals Pair the dress with strappy sandals.
3 Bracelets Style the look with stacked bracelets.
4 Black Wig Cop her rich black hait with a wavy wig.
5 Performance costume Readymade costume based on Gabriella performance night
6 Lifeguard costume Another option

About Troy and Gabriella

Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez are the lead characters in the film franchise " High School Musical". The 3-part series became one of Disney’s most successful original movie release. It features commerically acclaimed soundtrack with hit songs such as Beaking Free.

Troy is from the basketball team and has the typical boy-next-door athlete charm who later fell in love with singing. He meets Gabriella Montez, a smart transfer student who excelled in academics. The film series follows their high school life and their journey towards finding themselves, all while enjoying an amazing set list of songs in the soundtrack.