Sakura Haruno Costume from Naruto for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Sakura Haruno Costume from Naruto

Sakura Haruno Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Red Vest You can wear a sleeveless vest.
2 Gloves Throw in a pair of gloves to the mix.
3 Elbow Protector You can also wear a pair of these protectors.
4 Pink Shorts Get a pair of loose pink shorts.
5 Cycling Shorts Wear these shorts under the pink one.
6 Leg Warmers Then, add a pair of leg warmers to the costume.
7 Ninja Sandals Next, wear the signature ninja sandals as seen in Naruto.
8 Red Forehead Protector Be sure to get this red forehead protector that is unique to Sakura.
9 Pink Wig Add pink wig to the costume, too.
10 Costume Set You may also order this Sakura-inspired costume.

Sakura Haruno is known as the ninja with the pink hair. Her outfit complements her pink hair as seen with her red top, pink shorts, and dark sandals. She also wears a red forehead protector with the mark of Konoha.

About Sakura Haruno

Sakura Haruno is a character from the anime and manga franchise of Naruto. She is a part of Naruto’s Team 7 together with Sasuke. She is introduced as a girl who has a crush on Sasuke. Later on, she was mentored by Lady Tsunade and she became a medic ninja and became one of the strongest Kunoichi in the land.