Kelly Kapowski (Saved by the Bell) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Kelly Kapowski Costume

Kelly Kapowski Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Sweatshirt, grey This Bayside Tigers sweatshirt that Kelly wears is in a very laidback and casual style that also makes for a very easy costume.
2 Jeans, vintage, light-wash These light-washed denim jeans are in a baggy and high-waisted style which was very popular during the 90s and are exact to the jeans Kelly herself wears.
3 Sneakers, white White sneakers are a timeless fashion piece and add a sporty but elegant feeling to the outfit.
4 Earrings, large, hoop Large hoop earrings are another vey 90s fashion piece. They are used in this outfit to combat the casual and laidback air and add another elegant element to the look.
5 Wig, long brown, bangs Kelly’s long hair can be said to be a trademark look of hers. It is important that the long hair is styled right and in a 90s look.
6 White bandeau For another possible look that Kelly has worn, you can combine this top and the jeans as well as the suspender straps.
7 Suspender straps, black Use these suspender straps with the white bandeau for a different Kelly look.
8 Heart Necklace Cute accessory to complete the look

Kelly Kapowski’s outfits are the outfits that any cool and popular high school girl back in the 90s would wear. Her looks are always very simple but still on the cute and elegant side. This particular look of hers features just a sweatshirt and jeans, however, white sneakers and large hoop earrings give the look a little more variety and substance. Of course, hair is an important accessory when looking at Kelly’s outfits. Her long hair with 90s style bangs add a lot of character to all of her looks.

Kelly Kapowski Makeup/Hair Look Tutorial

This video will assist you in getting Kelly’s long hair styled right. Her makeup is quite simple so it’s nothing too hard to accomplish.

About Kelly Kapowski

Kelly Kapowski is one of the starring characters in the 90s teen show, Saved by the Bell. She is part of the group that the show follows the stories off. She is a very popular and preppy girl who is the girlfriend of the main character of the show and the most popular guy in school. Kelly is played by Tiffani Theisen, and is seen by many to this day as a very iconic 90s beauty idol.