Fairy Godmother (Shrek 2) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Fairy Godmother Costume

Fairy Godmother Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Red Sequin Dress Look extra glamorous with a glittery red sequin dress.
2 Red Flats Match your dress with a pair of red flats.
3 Silver Blue Wig Wear a silver-blue wig and pile it up high on your head to get Fairy Godmother’s look.
4 Red Star Earrings Accessorize with a pair of red star earrings.
5 Red Half Frame Glasses Match your dress and flats with red glasses.
6 Pink Shade Lipstick Paint your lips pink.
7 Nude Pink Fake Nails Look pretty and dainty with fake nails.
8 Fairy Wings Don’t forget to wear a pair of fairy wings.
9 Star Light Up Magic Wand A light-up wand matches Fairy Godmother’s wand perfectly.

Fairy Godmother is the mother of Prince Charming and is a shrewd businesswoman who grants the wishes of her clients for a price. She is also the twin sister of Cinderella’s fairy godmother. She even has a factory that helps her manufacture spells and potions.

Fairy Godmother is conniving and spiteful but she does dress well. She wears a red sequin dress, red flats, red half-framed glasses, silver-blue hair, and a light-up fairy wand.

About Fairy Godmother

Fairy Godmother was voiced by Jennifer Saunders. Saunders is also known for her roles in Absolutely Fabulous, Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie, and French and Saunders.

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