Guard (Squid Game) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Guard’s Costume from Squid Game

Guard Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Pink Hoodie Start the guard’s costume with this hoodie.
2 Pink Pants Match it up with this pair of pants.
3 Pink Rain Suit You can also get this full suit.
4 Belt Add a dark accent with this belt to the outfit.
5 Mask For your mask, you can choose this hard version to start.
6 Full Head Mask Or make it DIY with this version.
7 Paint Add your choice of shape to the full head cover, too.
8 Black Gloves Wear this pair of gloves to match the belt.
9 Shoes Make the whole look practical and easy to move with by wearing these shoes.
10 Toy Rifle Carry this toy rifle and you’ll be ready to roll.

You and your friends can choose a shape that will appear on your mask for your next Squid Game guard costume. You can DIY it with a pink hoodie and matching pants (or get a disposable suit in pink!). Style it with a black belt and a pair of gloves and shoes. For the mask, you can make sure to wear a full face mask and paint the shape you want on the surface. Complete the costume by carrying a toy rifle, too.

About the Guard

The Guards are the main policing and operating staff for all the rounds in the Squid Game. It follows the story of the players in the Squid Game where they are tasked to play to the death. The games they play are mostly children’s games and the winner will get to walk away with the prize money. The guards are seen wearing a full body suit in pink and are not allowed to remove their masks.