Commander Cody (CC-224) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to make Commander Cody Costume

Commander Cody Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Compression Shirt The tightness of a black compression shirt makes a good base for your costume.
2 Black Compression Pants Pair your shirt with tight compression pants for a uniformed look.
3 Black Gloves Cody needs gloves to handle his weapons.
4 No-Lace White Shoes A good alternative to trooper footwear is a pair of no-lace white shoes.
5 Foam Rolls Use this foam rolls to create the various armor parts of your trooper costume.
6 White Acrylic Paint Paint your foam rolls in white to get that trooper design down to pat.
7 Yellow Orange Acrylic Paint Some of Cody’s armor details are colored yellow orange so paint them accordingly with this acrylic paint.
8 Silver Acrylic Paint Use this silver shade for other minor details in your costume like Commander Cody’s utility belt. You can even dab a little bit of this brown ink all over your costume to give it a distressed and battle-worn look.
9 Cody’s Helmet No Commander Cody costume is complete without his helmet. You should probably bring along his blaster too.
10 Boys Full Costume Set Your little boy can become a clone trooper with this full costume set.
11 Full Costume Set You can also be a clone trooper for the day in this full costume set.

CC-224, or Cody, is a commander of the clone army during the Clone Wars. He was created under the image of Jango Fett and was trained to serve the Galactic Republic. He became friends with Jedi General Obi-wan Kenobi because they have fought many battles together. However, his true royalties lie with the Repbulic and Palpatine.

Cody looks like any clone trooper. He wears a battle-worn white trooper suit with orange details. Here’s everything you need to look like Commander Cody.

About Commander Cody

Commander Cody was portrayed by Temuera Morrison in the Star Wars prequel films. He was voiced by Dee Bradley Baker in the Clone Wars television series.

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