Raspberry Torte Costume from Strawberry Shortcake for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Raspberry Torte’s Costume from Strawberry Shortcake

Raspberry Torte Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Green Top Start with this cool green top.
2 Pink Dress Add a layer of a bright pink dress to the costume.
3 Purple Shrug Then, wear a purple shrug on top of the dress.
4 Belt Add a green belt to the costume, too.
5 Striped Socks You can also wear long socks with pink stripes.
6 Pink Shoes Get a pair of pink flats to wear with the costume.
7 Wig Keep the costume pink and wear this wig.
8 Headband For a final pop of color, get a green headband.
9 fake fruits Attach fake raspberries on your headband, belt, shoes and make a bracelet.

Raspberry Torte’s costume features a pink ensemble with green accents. She has a pink dress, socks, shoes, and hair, too. For the green accents, you can complete her look with a long sleeved-top, a belt, and a headband.

About Raspberry Torte

Raspberry Torte is a character from the franchise of Strawberry Shortcake. She is the best friend of Strawberry Shortcake and is described as sweet yet passive. Raspberry Torte is also creative as seen in her many amazing designs in the show.