The Great Gazoo Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

This time however, we’ll focus on his outfit from the animated series, since it’s the one fans tend to favor.

How to make Great Gazoo Costume

The Great Gazoo Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Green spandex jumpsuit Given the fact that Gazoo is completely green from head to toe, what better way to simplify things than slipping on a green spandex jumpsuit? Granted, it’s not something you would normally hang in your closet, but those usually aren’t hard to find. Should you not be able to secure on of those, try to at least get a spandex, long-sleeve t-shirt and leggings; both in the same shade of green.
2 Green rubber gloves Available at virtually any convenience store, these dishwashing gloves will come in handy (pun intended) when putting together your Great Gazoo costume. You guessed it, these gloves must be green as well.
3 Green, knee-high boots To go along with the gloves, you’ll need a pair of green boots. Preferably rubber, like rain boots, or faux leather ones. In case of emergency, you might be able to pull off the same effect with a pair of green, knee-high socks and a pair of green shoes.
4 Green baseball helmet The closest thing to Gazoo’s helmet is a baseball helmet with antennas. A builder helmet would also work. Basically, any round, green helmet with a visor is perfect for this costume.
5 Green belt Like everything else in this costume, the belt must also be green. Do pay close attention to the buckle though. It should be a rectangular one. Cut a triangle of a different shade of green out of any material you can glue to the buckle and paste it on.
6 Green cape with collar Finally, add a dramatic flair to an already odd costume with a green cape with a large collar.
7 Green Body Paint Apply Green paint on your face & other exposed areas.

Gazoo is always dressed up in green from head to toe. He wears a big helmet with antennas. He also wears a green jumsuit and a cape. Matching boots and gloves are also part of his outfit. In the movie Viva Rock Vegas he did change colors a bit and wore a silver helmet, a silver cape and gloves of the same color.

About Gazoo

The Great Gazoo is a green alien from planet Zetox. Not much is known about Gazoo, except that he was banned from his own planet for building a machine that could’ve destroyed the whole place with the press of a single button. As punishment, he was sent to earth during the Stone Age, and that’s how he met Fred and Barney. Gazoo has the power to teleport and manipulate time by snapping his fingers.

Gazoo is kind-hearted and eager to help and although he means well when assisting Fred and Barney, whom he affectionately calls dumb-dumbs, he unintentionally ends up making things worse. To add some comedy to the series, Gazoo can only be seen by Fred, Barney, Pebbles, Bamm Bamm and animals. In fact, whenever Fred is talking to Gazoo, Wilma thinks it’s just Fred talking to himself.

Despite of this character being badly received by fans at the time, Gazoo transcended to become one of the main characters of the series and even made it to the live-action adaptation of the Flintstones Viva Rock Vegas.


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