Clementine (The Walking Dead) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Clementine Costume

Clementine Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Purple-Striped Long-Sleeved Undershirt It can get cold so having a long-sleeved undershirt keeps Clem warm and cozy. The big purple stripes make the top look more child-like and innocent
2 Purple Short-Sleeved Shirt A great way to layer up from the cold is a short-sleeved shirt. This purple top is also light and comfy enough to wear when on the run as it doesn’t weigh down Clementine
3 Dark Wide Leg Jeans Jeans are universal wear in the post-apocalyptic world and kids aren’t exempt from that. Clementine’s dark jeans give her more freedom and comfort to move her legs faster
4 Purple Sneakers As a fan of the color, it isn’t surprising that Clem’s sneakers are also purple. Sneakers are footwear that can easily be worn by a kid without any assistance. It also provides great comfort when Clem needs to move around
5 Clementine’s D Cap Clementine’s hat may offer her extra protection when it rains but that’s not the main reason why she keeps it. Even though it may look ratty and dirty, Clem loves her hat because it was her father who gave it to her
6 Purple Floral Backpack Being constantly on the run means that Clementine needs to bring her supplies on the go. Her backpack does this job perfectly, and the cute, floral pattern is a perfect balance to bring about her young age
7 Hammer When walkers are killing off people left and right, young age isn’t a reason not to have a weapon. Clementine’s hammer might not be the best weapon yet, but it’s effective
8 Bloody Bandage Clementine lives in a dangerous world where fights turn violent and bloody, so it’s not surprising that she gets cuts and bruises along the way. The bandage can help her injuries heal faster and protect her from infection
9 Fake Gun Optional

She may be young but Clementine has proven time and time again that she isn’t a damsel in distress. Taught to fight by her father figure, Lee, this little girl can take care of herself when it comes to killing off walkers.

Her maturity and skills may surpass her age, but Clementine still dresses like a kid who has a preference for the color purple. Here’s everything you need to look like Clementine.

About Clementine

Although the story of The Walking Dead video game and its characters are well-loved by fans today, we almost did not get it as is. During the planning portion of the production, the original storyline of the video game involved Clementine and her brother. The team decided not pursue this because the characters will then have an existing relationship before the apocalypse.

Clementine was then partnered with Lee Everett. But the team was still not sold on the storyline and almost cut Clementine out because they weren’t sure the players will react to her positively.