Lori Grimes (The Walking Dead) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Lori Grimes Costume

Lori Grimes Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Loose Sleeveless Plaid Shirt So we see where Carl gets his preference for flannel. Lori wears a loose flannel shirt (probably borrowed from one of the guys) with the sleeves cut off, allowing her greater arm movement.
2 Loose Light Grey Tank Top A sleeveless flannel isn’t the best protection from environmental elements so wearing a loose grey tank top (that’s probably borrowed from one of the guys, as well) is a smart move
3 Denim Jeans Pregnant or not, wearing a pair of comfortable denim jeans is great for protecting her skin from harsh elements like mosquito bites and branch scratches. It is also a great shield for cooler nights.
4 Fake Pregnant Belly Since Lori is shown as a pregnant woman at one part of the show, she’s a great costume choice for real pregnant women. But if you aren’t pregnant and still want to go as Lori, a fake pregnant belly ensures that you have an authentic looking (and feeling) baby bump in front of you.
5 Tiny Black Revolver As a mother of two children (one of whom she was still carrying), it was important for Lori to have some kind of weapon to defend herself and her kids. A tiny black revolver is a good option when you need one arm free to hold your son while the other arm is shooting at walkers

She may have had her faults, but it cannot be doubted that Lori Grimes can be one tough mother when needed. It can’t have been easy being pregnant during the world’s end. Lori’s character may be susceptible to a lot of weaknesses but when it matters, she is a very strong mother who would do anything for her kids.

It’s not a doubt that finding maternal clothes would have been hard in the post-apocalypse, so Lori might have borrowed clothes from the guys. Here’s what you need to look like Lori Grimes.

About Lori Grimes

Lori Grimes didn’t stay on the show for very long, but she did contribute to a lot of conflicts. This is especially true between her husband, Rick, and her boyfriend, Shane. But, when given the chance to have her stay prolonged, the actress who portrayed Lori refused.

Although grateful, Sarah Wayne Callies was adamant that Lori’s story should end when it did for the sake of the story. She felt that her character’s death will greatly affect the others and it will move the story forward more smoothly.