Rick Grimes (The Walking Dead) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Rick Grimes Costume

Rick Grimes Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Loose Beige Button Down Shirt Rick wears a beige button-down shirt that looks similar to a sheriff’s uniform. It hangs on his body loosely, like he lost some weight.
2 Dark Gray Regular Fit Jeans As danger lurks all around him, Rick always needs to move fast and wearing jeans makes this easier.
3 Thick Leather Belt with Silver Buckle Running around and killing walkers, biters, you get the gist—can be exhausting and frankly, an awesome weight burner. So, it’s a good idea to use a belt if Rick doesn’t want his pants to fall off.
4 Brown Leather Boots When you’re on the move 24/7, it can take a huge toll on your feet. Leather boots can offer some comfort and a whole lot of protection for them
5 Brown Leather Holster Killers are lurking everywhere so it’s good to have lots of weapon on hand. What better way to make your gun portable than in a leather holster?
6 Silver Revolver An oldie but a goody. A silver revolver may not be the strongest weapon out there, but it does the job perfectly when it comes to killing the Reanimated.
7 Leather Suede Jackets Suede Jacket with Fleece Collar
8 Fake Blood Optional

Brave, loyal, and family-oriented; characteristics that make Rick Grimes our all-time favorite protagonist! This former deputy sheriff will do everything to keep his friends and family safe from any kind of harm. He’s always alert and on the move, that’s why a comfortable outfit is a must! Reminiscent of his time as an officer of the law, Rick wears a loose beige button down, dark gray jeans, and brown leather boots.

Dressing like Rick is a walk in the park. To make it more authentic, try making your costume look dirty and time-worn. Here are the things you need to look like Rick Grimes.

About Rick Grimes

Ever since the outbreak, the characters of Walking Dead has seen a lot of ups and downs (well, mostly downs). Despite the zombie infestation and their loved ones falling dead regularly, Rick and the others can still make life somewhat worth living.

But have you ever wondered why Rick and the people in the Walking Dead don’t actually say the word ‘zombie’? In an interview with this series’ comic co-creator, the reason for this is that the idea of a zombie does not exist in their universe. There has never been a zombie book nor a zombie movie, so people don’t know what a ‘zombie’ is.