Ricky & Julian (Trailer Park Boys) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Ricky and Julian’s Costume

Ricky Costume

Ricky And Julian Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Houndstooth Top Ricky wears this houndstooth shirt in the film.
2 Track Pants For the pants, you can pair the top with this pair of track pants.
3 Hair Dye If you do not have ginger hair, you can use this hair dye.
4 Fake sideburns You can also wear fake facial hair to complete his look.

Julian Costume

# Item Description
5 Black Shirt Start Julian’s look with this black shirt.
6 Black Pants Keep the look dark with this pair of dark pants.
7 Necklace Then add a bit of shine to the look with this necklace.
8 Fake Facial Hair Nail his look with this faux facial hair, too.

Ricky’s costume can be recreated with a houndstooth-pattern shirt plus a ginger hair and sideburns mustache. Meanwhile, Julian has an all-black ensemble styled with his silver necklace. He also has a black beard and mustache. Both men wear dark pants with their outfits.

About Ricky and Julian

Ricky and Julian are characters from the series Trailer Park Boys. They are two of the three main characcters. Ricky and Julian are best friends since childhood. Ricky is a described as fun-lovin yet dim-witted person who has multiple vices. He has a daughter named Trinity who is a kleptomaniac. Julian also enjoys many vices with Ricky. He is also a career criminal who happens to have his sense of morality in tact in the series. Julian was also the first one to hire camera crew to follow him around.