Blake Belladonna Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

Blake Belladonna is cool. She’s usually reserved and calm but has a wicked sense of humor (she’s a natural in the art of sarcasm). Blake is very respectful and has strong ideas against racial discrimination. Because of her opinions, she is very outspoken which can be a problem sometimes.

Blake wears simple colors, black and white. She has on a black cropped tank top, black pants, black boots, and a white trench coat. She also keeps her hair fixed with a large black bow. Here’s everything you need to look like Blake Belladonna.

How to Make Blake Belladonna Costume

Blake Belladonna Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Cropped Tank Top Allow for better freedom of movement with a black, cropped tank top.
2 Black Pants Match your top with an equally black pair of pants.
3 White Trench Coat Add a bit of contrast to your outfit with a white trench coat.
4 Black Boots Protect your feet with a sturdy pair of black boots.
5 White Belt Keep your pants securely around your waist with a white belt.
6 Black Hair Bow Tie your hair with a black hair bow.
7 Long Wavy Black Wig Get Blake’s hairstyle with this wig.
8 Original Costume Set Like Blake’s former look? Get this costume set.
9 Costume Set Tired of DIY-ing? Get this costume set instead!

About Blake Belladonna

Blake Belladonna is voiced by two actresses; Arryn Zech for English, and Yu Shimamura for Japanese.

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