Liz Taylor (American Horror Story) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Liz Taylor’s Costume from American Horror Story

This is how you can steal the look of one of American Horror Story’s iconic characters:

Liz Taylor Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Shiny Black Gown Wear a shiny black gown.
2 Mesh Top Top gown with a mesh top to recreate Liz’ gown detail.
3 Neck Scarf Match your gown with a teal neck scarf.
4 Teal Scarf Wear a thicker scarf to drape over the shoulder.
5 Dangling Earrings Liz loves dangling earrings so be sure to cop a pair, too.
6 Eyeshadow Complete the look with eyeshadow that matches the clothing palette.
7 Bald Cap Finish the costume with a bald cap.

To cop Liz Taylor’s look, get a black long dress and a sheer or fish-net detailed layer to top on the dress. She also wears dangling earrings, a teal scarf on the neck and another scarf draped on her shoulder. To finish her look, make sure to wear a bald cap for the hair and heavy eyeshadow.

About Liz Taylor

Liz Taylor is a character in the anthology horror show “American Horror Story”. She is a transgender who works as bartender at Hotel Cortez. Her special traits include being able to know all secrets.

Liz was born as Nick Pryor and even had a wife before transitioning. In one of his secret boudoir moments in a hotel, Nick meets Elizabeth who inspires him to embrace his true nature. As Liz, Elizabeth hires her as a bartender and is either involved or privy to the many things that happen at their hotel.