Mr. Garrison (South Park) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Mr./Mrs. Garrison Costume

Mr Garrison Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Green Long Sleeve Full Zip Top Begin your queer teacher outfit by wearing your character’s recognizable long-sleeved full zip jacket.
2 Green Scrub Pants Combine your zipped-up top with this pair of green scrub pants for that dominantly green look.
3 Black Loafer Shoes Add this pair of black loafer shoes to your attire.
4 Black Belt with Silver Plaque Buckle Use this black belt with a silver plaque buckle to secure your pants.
5 Square Frame Eyeglasses Get this square-framed eyeglasses to see what your students are up to better.
6 Bald Gray Wig Look more like Mr. Garrison by adequately styling this bald gray wig.

Mr. Garrison is a character in the American animated television sitcom known for profanity and dark humor South Park. He is a cynical teacher at South Park Elementary who has sexuality and gender issues and who uses a hand puppet named Mr. Hat as a teaching resource.

Mr. Garrison has undergone sex change operations twice. He wears a long-sleeved full-zip green jacket, green scrub pants, black loafer shoes, a black belt with silver plaque buckle, and square frame eyeglasses.

About Mr. Garrison

Mr. Garrison is a fictional character from the animated television show “South Park.” He is portrayed as an elementary school teacher at South Park Elementary, where he teaches the fourth grade. Over the course of the series, Mr. Garrison undergoes significant character development and goes through various transformations.

Initially, Mr. Garrison is depicted as a somewhat eccentric, yet capable teacher with unconventional teaching methods. However, his personality evolves throughout the show’s run. In later seasons, he becomes more known for his outrageous behavior and controversial viewpoints.

One notable plotline involving Mr. Garrison is his gender transition. After struggling with his identity and feelings towards his own sexuality, he undergoes a sex-change operation in Season 9 and becomes a woman named Mrs. Garrison. This storyline serves as a satirical commentary on transgender issues and society’s reactions to them.

Throughout the series, Mr./Mrs. Garrison often acts outlandishly and expresses offensive opinions for comedic effect. He frequently parodies real-life politicians and celebrities with exaggerated versions of their personalities, often inserting himself into political campaigns or other absurd situations.

Despite his controversial portrayal, Mr./Mrs. Garrison remains one of the most well-known characters in “South Park” due to both his distinct personality traits and ongoing storylines that tackle social and political issues in an irreverent manner.

Please note that “South Park” often deals with sensitive subjects and uses humor to push boundaries, sometimes resulting in crude or offensive content. It’s important to approach the show with an understanding of its satirical nature and intent to provoke discussions on various topics.

Mr. Garrison was voiced by Henry Courseaux. Courseaux is also known for his roles in Bonjour l’angoisse, Molière pour rire et pour pleurer, The Last Campaign, and Au théâtre ce soir.

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