Sterling Archer Costume from Archer for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Sterling Archer’s Costume from Archer

Sterling Archer Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Gray Suit Start the look with this gray suit.
2 Paint Add paint details over the suit to have a cartoon feel on the outfit.
3 White Button-down Shirt Wear a white shirt to match the outfit.
4 Necktie Then, be sure to add a dark necktie on your shirt, too.
5 Toy Gun Carry a toy gun with the costume.
6 Makeup Get a makeup set where you can use the palette as contour to recreate the cartoon-sharp features.
7 Flask Carry a flask with you, too.

Sterling Archer wears a gray suit. You can recreate his cartoon fit by painting over shadows and a different shade of gray to the costume. Then, you can also wear makeup where you can contour the face to match the cartoon’s sharp angles. Carry a toy gun, too.

About Sterling Archer

Sterling Archer is the titular character in the animate sitcom Archer. He was born in Tangier, and is the only child of Malory Archer, the director-turned-retired agent of the New York-based International Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS). Archer was raised by the servant Woodhouse until the age of 5, as Malory was involved in espionage throughout World War II.