Totally Spies Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Sam, Clover, and Alex’s Costumes from Totally Spies!

Totally Spies Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Green Body Suit Kick off the costume with Sam’s signature green body suit.
2 Green Boots Get matching green ankle boots.
3 Orange Wig Top off Sam’s look with this orange wig.
4 Red Body Suit For Clover’s look, you can get the red version of the suit.
5 Boots Don’t miss out on the red boots.
6 Yellow Wig Complete Clover’s look with this bright wig.
7 Yellow Body Suit Kick off Alex’s costume with her own yellow body suit.
8 Yellow Boots Get a pair of yellow ankle boots to match.
9 Black Wig Get a dark wig to pull off Alex’s girl boss style.
10 Belt As a finishing touch, wear a belt with a heart buckle with each body suit.

Totally Spies! features a trio of powerful women in body suits. Sam is a redhead who wears the green suit. Clover is the blonde who wears the red body suit. Finally, Alex is the lady with a short bob and the yellow tight suit.

About Totally Spies!

Totally Spies! is an animated show of the spy-fi genre. It is set in Beverly Hills, California where teenage protagonists, Sam, Clover, and Alex go to school. The are double agents who work for World Organization of Human Protection or WOOHP. They take on their superhero persona and are known to use various make-ups and objects as weapons.