Emma Watkins/ Emma Wiggle's (The Wiggles) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Emma Wiggle’s Costume from The Wiggles

Emma Wiggles Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Yellow Sweater Wear this yellow top to start the costume.
2 Yellow Tutu Get this yellow tutu as a mini petticoat.
3 Black Skirt Be sure to wear a black skirt on top of the tutu skirt.
4 Black Tights Add another layer of clothing with these tights.
5 Belt For the belt, you can get a black one with a stainless buckle.
6 Flat Shoes You can also wear a pair of black shoes.
7 Orange Wig Get this wig and part it in low pig tails.
8 Ribbon Style the hair with this ribbon, too.

Emma Wiggle is known for her bright yellow look that matches her sunshine aura. She has a yellow sweater paired with yellow and black skirt. Then she layers a pair of tights and shoes for her bottoms. For more style, she also wears a belt with a stainless buckle. To complete the costume, you can wear a big ribbon on orange or red hair/wig.

About Emma Wiggle

Emma Wiggle or Emma Watkins is one of the members from The Wiggles, an Australian music group that caters to children’s music.She began perform with the group in 2010 for various roles and also used her skills in video editing. In 2012, she is announced as the first official Wiggle. Later on, she created her own persona, Emma Memma, after her time with the Wiggles.