Papa Emeritus IV / Cardinal Copia's Costume from Ghost for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Papa Emeritus IV / Cardinal Copia’s Costume from Ghost

Cardinal Copia Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Long-sleeved Top Start the all-black look with this top.
2 Skirt Wear a black skirt, too. Get a larger size from the women’s section as needed.
3 Liturgical Cape Then, top off the look with this cape.
4 Full Set You can also wear this complete cardinal outfit as you see fit.
5 Necklace Add a bit of shine to the costume with this necklace.
6 Hat Wear a little top hat to complete the costume.
7 Makeup Recreate Cardinal Copia’s dark smokey eye makeup with this piece.
8 Mask Instead of makeup, you can also wear this mask.

Cardinal Copia wears an all-black bishop ensemble. You can rock this by wearing a full set costume or DIY it with a long-sleeved shirt, skirt, cape, and a hat. Add a necklace to complete the costume, too.

About Papa Emeritus IV / Cardinal Copia

Cardinal Copia is a singer character from the band Ghost. The band went on a tour for the album Prequelle and called the tour A Pale Tour Named Death. In this tour, lead singer Tobias Forge assumed the identity of Cardinal Copia. Later on, Cardinal Copia was promoted to “Papa Emeritus IV”.

Here are some key points about him:

  1. Role in Ghost: Cardinal Copia is portrayed as the frontman and lead singer of the band. He is the fourth character to take on the role of Papa Emeritus, a position that represents the leader of the band.

  2. Appearance: Cardinal Copia is typically depicted wearing black clerical attire, including a priest’s robe and white clerical collar. He also wears a distinctive silver mask that covers part of his face.

  3. Musical Style: Cardinal Copia contributes his vocals to the band’s music, which can be described as a fusion of classic rock, heavy metal, and occult themes. His singing style often showcases versatility and range.

  4. Persona: As Cardinal Copia, he presents himself with an enigmatic and charismatic demeanor on stage. Alongside his distinct appearance, he embodies an air of theatricality and dramatic presence.

  5. Evolution of Character: In Ghost’s lore, each version of “Papa Emeritus” represents a different incarnation or generation of leaders within their fictional narrative. Cardinal Copia marks the transition from previous versions while maintaining elements of their darker aesthetic.

  6. Conceptual Themes: Ghost’s music incorporates themes related to Satanism, religious iconography, and theatricality. These themes are used as storytelling elements to create a unique atmosphere in their performances and albums.

  7. Popularity and Achievements: Ghost has gained significant popularity since their formation in 2006, earning critical acclaim for their live performances and studio albums under various personas such as Cardinal Copia.

  8. Band Identity Concealment: The members behind each character in Ghost intentionally conceal their identities during performances by wearing masks or costumes to maintain a sense of mystique surrounding the project.

  9. Ongoing Storyline: Ghost has developed an ongoing storyline throughout their career, telling a fictional narrative of the “Papa Emeritus” characters, including Cardinal Copia. This storyline adds depth to their music and stage presence.

It’s important to note that Ghost’s lore and conceptual themes can be complex and abstract, often open to interpretation by fans. The band has cultivated an aura of mystery around their identities and artistic direction, adding intrigue to the experience of their music and live performances.