The Joker (The Dark Knight) costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Joker’s costume from The Dark Knight

Joker Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Short Green Curly Wig If you don’t have a similar hairstyle to Joker’s, get yourself a short curly wig tinted in green color. Then put a little bit of Vaseline on the wig to recreate a greasy look.
2 Evil Joker Villain Makeup Kit Get a joker makeup kit is the easiest way to replicate his clown face when you neither own makeup nor know how to do it because it comes with the instructions.
3 Professional Whites Nurse Dress Any clean white knee-length nurses gown would be perfect. But make sure it fits your size.
4 Elastic Stretch Waist Belt Look for a white elastic waist clinch belt to wear.
5 Unisex Clip-On Pocket Watch Pay a little attention to the details and get a clip-on pocket watch to clip on your chest pocket, and don’t forget the pen. In addition, print out Vote for Dent sticker and stick it on your right chest.
6 Black Socks Note the black socks with blue rectangular patches!.
7 Unisex Work Clog Look for a pair of plain designed white work clogs.
8 Makeup Kit This makeup kit contains all you’ll need for makeup.
9 Campaign Badge You can pin this badge on your outfit

One of the most iconic scene of Joker in The Dark Knight is when he disguised as a female nurse, skipping merrily away down the street of the Gotham General Hospital, while it explodes with the bombs he’d plant. The audience can see nothing but the most twisted bad guy in the comic film world. To get this murderous look of Joker’s, check our list down below.

About Joker

Joker in The Dark Knight, the Batman movie released in 2008, was one of the best roles in the career life of Heath Ledger, a legend and beloved star who passed away. With his brilliant and dark interpretation of the DC classic villain, Heath Ledger had won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor by the time he’s gone. With the ability of bringing fear and death and a creepy laughing, Joker rises into the underground criminal world of Gotham city.

Making him the main rival of Batman. Beside his cold-blood psychotic acts and bizarre clown appearance, Joker is no doubt a smart antagonist who’s good at mental combat and strategic planning. At one point, Joker is quite successful at fooling Gotham city’s citizen to think that Batman is more of a vigilante than a hero that people think he is, and he’s full of violence.