Batman Who Laughs Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Batman Who Laughs Costume

The Batman Who Laughs Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Gothic Long Sleeve Shirt Begin your sinister costume with this gothic long-sleeved black shirt.
2 Black Leather Pants Pair your shirt with this faux leather black pants.
3 Black Long Jungle Boots Continue to look menacing by getting these long black jungle boots.
4 Black Long Punk Trench Coat Amplify your dark look by choosing this long black punk trench coat.
5 Black Leather Strap Cut out this black leather strap to several pieces to make multiple buckled-belts and attach to your front torso and boots.
6 Metal Belt Buckles Use these metal belt buckles to construct your belts.
7 Mask Be the darkest knight by donning this special batman mask.
8 Thick EVA Foam Use this EVA form to create your eye visor.
9 Long Metal Spikes Attach these metal spikes to your visor.
10 White Face and Body Paint Apply this white face and body paint to your hand and face.
11 Bright Red Lipstick Put on this red lipstick to reveal the joker side of your dark persona.
12 Full Costume Set Get this full costume set instead to easier become Laughs than DIY.

The Batman Who Laughs is a supervillain and evil version of Batman in the dark multiverse. He is a hybrid of Batman and his arch enemy, the Joker. He possesses Bruce Wayne’s intelligence, physical strength, and abilities, as well as the Joker’s psychopathy and twisted savage sense of humor.

Batman Who Laughs is sometimes referred to as “Laughs”, for short. He wears a long-sleeved black shirt, black leather pants, long black boots with multiple buckled-belts, a black long trench coat with several buckled belts at the front, a Batman mask, and a spiked eye visor.

About Batman Who Laughs

Batman Who Laughs relies on his eye visor, which is made of Nth metal, to keep him anchored to the Multiverse. Otherwise, he would discontinue existing outside of the dark Multiverse.

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