Baymax (Big Hero 6) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Baymax Costume

Baymax Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Fake Belly Baymax is known for his cuddly size so you might want to wear a fake belly.
2 White Sweatshirt Start off your outfit with a plain white sweatshirt.
3 Light Grey Patches Add grey patches for Baymax’s details.
4 White Joggers Match your shirt with a pair of white joggers.
5 Grey Sneakers Get comfy when you move around in a pair of grey sneakers.
6 Cap/Beanie Look more like Baymax when you wear a Baymax-inspired beanie.
7 Kid’s Full Costume Set Transform your kid into Baymax with this costume set.
8 alternate Costume Set if you want his red superhero costume instead.

Baymax is an inflatable robot that acts as your personal healthcare companion, created by Tadashi Hamada. He is selfless, soft, and devoted to the people he consider his patients. He is also naïve and childlike, having a calm and docile personality that works best for healthcare.

Baymax is most known for his large, marshmallow like size. To look like Baymax, you will need to wear a white sweatshirt, white joggers, grey sneakers, grey patches, and a Baymax beanie.

About Baymax

Baymax was voiced by Scott Adsit. Adsit is also known for his roles in 30 Rock, The Terminal, and Moral Orel.

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