Mr. Monopoly (Monopoly Man) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Monopoly Man Costume

Monopoly Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Blazer Look like a dapper millionaire with this black blazer jacket .
2 White Dress Shirt You can’t go wrong with a sleek white dress shirt.
3 White Tuxedo Waistcoat Wear this elegant white tuxedo waistcoat to look ultra-sleek and luxe.
4 Grey Dress Pants Match your blazer jacket with this grey dress pants.
5 Black Oxfords Grab a pair of black oxford dress shoes for a classic vibe to your look.
6 Black Top Hat Appear like a respectable old-school businessman with this black top hat.
7 Red Bow Tie Add a pop of color with a poppin’ red bow tie.
8 White Moustache Don’t forget Mr. Monopoly’s iconic white moustache!
9 Wooden Cane Complete your elderly look with this wooden cane.
10 Costume Set Tired of DIY-ing? Get this Mr. Monopoly costume set instead.

Mr. Monopoly is the iconic mascot of Hasbro’s ultra-popular game, Monopoly. Think of Mr. Monopoly as a long-standing guest in your home. That’s how famous he is in every household. When you see this white-haired, mustached man wearing a tux, you just know who he is in an instant!

Mr. Monopoly is famous for wearing a white dress shirt with a black suit, a top hat, and a black cane. Don’t forget his twirly, white moustache!

About Mr. Monopoly

Did you know that Mr. Monopoly’s original name was Rich Uncle Pennybags. It was the name given to him by creator Charles Darrow.

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