Herbert West–Reanimator Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Herbert West’s Costume from Herbert West–Reanimator

Herbert West Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Shirt Roll the sleeves up your choice of button-down shirt.
2 Red Stain Use fake blood to stain the white shirt.
3 Black Tie Add a black tie to the costume.
4 Pants Wear a pair of slacks for this outfit.
5 Eye Glasses Style the doctor’s look with this pair of glasses.
6 Brown Bag Carry a handbag as doctor’s purse, too.
7 Syringe For the props, be sure to carry a plastic syringe.
8 Green Food Color Add a small drop of food color to water and put it in the syringe.

Doctor Herbert West’s costume gives a mad scientist vibe. Start off with a white button-down shirt with fake blood. Then wear dark pants and a dark tie. Get a pair of eyeglasses, too. For the final touch, carry a doctor’s bag and a syringe on the opposite hand.

About Herbert West–Reanimator

Herbert West is the main character from the horror story called Herbert West–Reanimator. The story starts when the narrator tells his story with the main character and describes their time as a medical student at Miskatonic University. West had theories that the human body is a complex organic machine that can simply be “rebooted”. Eventually, West realized he needed to experiment with human bodies. One night, they steal the body of a construction worker who died in an accident.