Pinkalicious Pinkerton Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Pinkalicious Pinkerton’ Costume

Pinkalicious Pinkerton Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Pink Top Start the costume with this cute pink top.
2 Skirt Pair the top with this ruffled pink skirt.
3 Pink Shoes Keep the outfit pink with these shoes, too.
4 Wings Add a whimsical touch with these wings.
5 Hair Ties Get hair ties to recreate Pinaklicious’ middle parted hair.
6 Crown Top it all off with a golden crown and wand.

Pinkalicious’ look brings joy to people who see her! The bright pink look is a sure-win in any costume event you attend soon. Be sure to get a combo of a pink top and ruffled skirt styled with a pair of pink flats. Complete her outfit with a golden crown and a wand.

About Pinkalicious Pinkerton

Pinkalicious Pinkerton is the main character in Victoria Kann’s various picture books for kids. The story is about Pinkalicious, who, true to her name, is an imaginative girl who loves pink. The books are made for audiences aged 4 to 6.

“Pinkalicious” is a children’s book series written by Victoria Kann and Elizabeth Kann. The series revolves around the adventures of a young girl named Pinkalicious, who has a love for all things pink.

In the first book titled “Pinkalicious,” the main character Pinkalicious discovers her love for the color pink. After eating too many pink cupcakes, she turns pink herself, and her parents take her to the doctor. The doctor advises her to eat more green foods to return to her normal color. Throughout the series, Pinkalicious goes on various imaginative and whimsical adventures, often involving her favorite color pink.

The “Pinkalicious” books promote creativity, imagination, and positive messages about self-expression and individuality. The stories are aimed at young readers, typically preschoolers and early elementary school children.

The success of the book series led to the creation of a “Pinkalicious” animated television series, which airs on PBS Kids. The TV show further expands on Pinkalicious’s adventures, introducing additional characters, including her younger brother Peter and her pet unicorn Goldie.

“Pinkalicious” has become a beloved character among young readers, and her adventures continue to entertain and inspire children to embrace their unique interests and personalities. The series promotes the importance of creativity and self-discovery in a colorful and whimsical world.