Chip n Dale Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Chip and Dale’s Costume

Make your Halloween costume count with this comfy Chip and Dale costume!

Chip And Dale Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Onesie Get this chipmunk onesie.
2 Black Foam Nose Then wear this black foam nose.
1 Onesie Get comfy in this onesie.
2 Red Foam Nose Cop a red nose foam for Dale.
5 Women’s Costume alternative version for women
6 costume for children onesie for kids

A fun way to do a matching costume with your bro is a by wearing Chip and Dale’s costume. Simply cop a chipmunk onesie. Then get a black and red nose foam to differentiate each costume. Chip has the black nose while Dale gets the red one.

About Chip and Dale

Chip & Dale are brother chipmunks who first appeared in Private pluto cartoons in 1943. They then had their official appearance in the animate short film Chip an’ Dale which was released in 1947.

Chip is described to be the level headed one, focused on logical reasoning and for playing it safe. Meanwhile, Daleis the opposite with a habit of being more relaxed, impulsive, and at times shows signs of being dimwitted.