Remy, Linguini & Colette's (Ratatouille) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Linguini’s Costume from Ratatouille

Linguini Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Chef’s Coat Start his costume with this coat.
2 Gray Pants Wear a pair of casual gray pants.
3 Apron Top off the look with a white apron.
4 Red Sneakers Keep the street style touch with some sneakers.
5 Hat Be sure to get a chef’s hat.
6 Wig You may also opt for a brown wig.
7 Plushie Carry a toy rat to complete the costume.

Linguini’s costume features the typical chef style fused with some casual touches. He wears a traditional chef’s robe, apron, and hat. To add to his look, he has gray pants and red sneakers. Distinguish his look from the normal chef attire by carrying a rat plushie.

How to Make Remy’s Costume from Ratatouille

Remy Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Rat Costume You can start the look with this full rat costume.
2 Mouse Costume For a cuter take, get a mouse costume instead.
3 Grey Jumpsuit Then, you can also wear a grey jumpsuit for a more practical piece.
4 Mouse Set Add mouse ears, nose, and tail to the jumpsuit.
5 Chef Hat Top the look with a chef’s hat.
6 Large Wooden Spoon Carry a large spoon as prop, too.

Remy’s mouse outfit can easily be done with a mouse or rat costume. Be sure to style it with a chef’s hat, too. Carry a large wooden spoon to complete the look.

How to Make Colette Tatou’s Costume from Ratatouille

Colette Tatou Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Chef’s Coat Start your outfit with this white chef’s coat.
2 Houndstooth Pants Get patterned pants, too.
3 Apron Add a layer of white apron to the costume.
4 Maroon Socks You can also wear a pair of maroon socks.
5 Loafers Keep the look stylish with a pair of loafers.
6 Wig Complete the costume with your very own short bob wig.

Colette’s look fuses her French fashion style and her chef’s look. Complete her restaurant attire with a white top and apron. She also wears a pair of patterned pants, maroon socks, and loafers. She also keeps her hair short.

About Ratatouille

Remy is a character from the animated film Ratatouille. He is the rat in the film who loves cooking and food. He wants to become and chef and then he met Linguini, a clumsy boy who looks out-of-place in the kitchen. They became an iconic duo where Remy controls Linguini from under Linguini’s chef’s hat and they create great dishes.

Linguini is a character from the animated film Ratatouille. He is the clumsy son of Auguste Gusteau, a famous chef and restaurant owner. Linguini works as the garbage boy at first until the mouse, Remy, helped him create amazing food. Remy was able to control him by pulling on his hair.

Colette Tatou is a character from the animated film Ratatouille. She is introduced as the rôtisseur chef in Gusteau’s in Paris. Colette considered herself as the “toughest cook in the kitchen”. In the restaurant, she is the only female cook which put her at a disadvantage among the kitchen’s male-dominated staff.