Lilo and Stitch (& Angel) Couple Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

Lilo And Stitch Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Lilo Costume

# Item Description
1 Red Hibiscus-Patterned Dress Lilo looks very Hawaiian in her casual red hibiscus-patterned dress.
2 Flat Summer Sandals Wear a pair of flat summer sandals to feel those awesome beach vibes.
3 Red Bandeau Top Lilo wears a simple red bandeau to hula class.
4 Green Hula Skirt A green leaf skirt makes hula class more fun.
5 Luau Leaf Crown and Bracelets As part of her hula costume, Lilo wears a leaf crown, bracelets, and anklets.
6 Lei Necklace Level up the Hawaiian vibes with a Lei necklace.

How to make Stitch Costume

# Item Description
1 Baby Onesie Dress your baby as Stitch is this adorable little onesie.
2 Kids Onesie Your kids can also dress up as Stitch with this kid-sized onesie.
3 Adult Onesie That’s everyone in the family if you wear an adult-sized Stitch onesie, too!
4 Gloves Step up your Stitch game with a pair of these gloves.
5 Shoes Match the gloves with these awesome Stitch shoes.

Lilo and Stitch were both lonely. She was a little girl, bullied for being different. He was a deadly experiment gone loose. Together, Lilo and Stitch taught each other the meaning of being happy in a family. They made sure each other will never get lonely, even if that means battling giant aliens and catching other experiments on the loose. Lilo’s outfit is very laid-back. When she’s not in her hula class, she wears a red hibiscus-patterned dress and slip-ons.

When Stitch debuted in the big screen, he became one of the most famous pet experiments in the world. Of course, Disney would make him a female counterpart. Enter Angel. She’s Experiment 624, and Stitch’s love interest.

Angel and Stitch look mostly the same, except for a few details and their colors. If you want to dress up like them, it’s easy. All you need is to wear all pink for Angel and all blue for Stitch. Here’s everything you need to look like Angel and Stitch. Stitch is a furry, blue alien.

How to Make Angel Costume

Angel (Lilo And Stitch) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Pink Sweater Wear a pink sweater to look like you have pink sweater.
2 Pink Tutu Look more feminine by wearing a pink tutu.
3 Pink Knee-High Socks Accessorize with a pair of pink knee-high socks.
4 Pink Monster Slippers Pink monster slippers will make you look like an alien experiment.
5 Knitted Hat An Angel-inspired knitted hat is a good way to look like Angel.
6 Plushie Bring along an Angel plush for extra cute points.
7 Kid’s Dress An Angel-inspired dress makes DIY-ing a costume easier.
8 Kid’s Onesie Transform your kid into Angel with this onesie.
9 Adult’s Onesie Look adorable in this onesie.

About Lilo and Stitch

Lilo is voiced by actress Daveigh Chase. She also played Samara Morgan in The Ring.

Stitch is voiced by director Chris Sanders. Aside from directing Lilo and Stitch, Sanders is also one of the writers of Disney classics like The Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, and The Lion King.

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