Tarzan and Jane Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Tarzan and Jane’s Costume from Tarzan

Tarzan and Jane costume can be copped from these links:

How to make Tarzan Costume

Tarzan And Jane Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Brown Cloth Cop a piece of brown cloth to use as Tarzan’s loin cloth.
2 Abs Printed Shirt Get this abs-printed shirt to cover up.
3 Nude Tights Pair top with nude tights.
4 Dreadlock wig Wear dreadlocks for wig.
5 Leather Loincloth A high quality genuine leather loincloth if you want detailed look
6 Full costume Leopard print alternative costume

How to make Jane Porter Costume

Jane Porter Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Yellow Pleated Dress Wear a yellow dress
2 Turtleneck Layer dress with a white turtleneck
3 Yellow Quarter Sleeve Cop yellow quarter sleeves and layer with dress to recreate Jane’s quarter sleeve gown detail.
4 Purple Ribbon Wear purple tie on the neck.
5 Sun Hat Use the sun hat to get explorer look.
6 Black Shoes Slip on a pair of black pump shoes.
7 Wig Cop brown wig in an updo.
8 White Gloves complete the look with white gloves
9 Full Costume No need to DIY as full costume is available

The iconic love story of Tarzan and Jane springs from the forest.

As such, Tarzan’s costume consists mostly of a loin cloth. To cover up, wear an abs-printed shirt and skin-tone tights.

For Jane’s costume, wear a yellow dress with high collar, purple necktie, and a green lace on the waist. Wear a brown wig tied in an updo.

About Tarzan and Jane

Tarzan is the lead male character in the animated film Tarzan. Tarzan is a human who was raised by apes in the jungle. He is the son of an English couple who merely survived a shipwreck but was later killed by a leopard.

Years later, he meets Jane Porter, daughter of an English professor. Jane and her dad, together with their guide Clayton explore Tarzan’s island and forest. Tarzan and Jane fell in love and ventured into their story of beating the odds and exploring each other’s worlds.