Cotton Candy Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Cotton Candy Costume

Cotton Candy Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Pink Bodycon Dress This pink bodycon dress is a good base for your entire costume.
2 Pink Fur Fabric Sew on this pink faux fur fabric on your bodycon dress to create the fluffy illusion of cotton candy. You can also use it to create a sweet headpiece for you to wear. Additionally, make a fake cotton candy prop with it.
3 Craft Board Paper Your cotton candy needs to have a cone to hold it so use this sturdy board paper for it. Don’t forget to make one for your headpiece and another one for your prop. To get the classic candy pattern, use red paint.
4 Pink Heels Since you’re already a pink masterpiece, finish off your outfit with this cute pair of pink heels.
5 Girls Full Costume Set You’re little girl can also become cotton candy with this full costume set!

You’ve always seen this sugary heaven in carnivals. This cloud-like candy is such a temptation that it’s not surprising if you want to be as sweet and fluffy as it. Well, why not! Be as sweet as cotton candy today and walk on sugary clouds!

All you need is a pink body con dress, pink heels, pink faux fur, and a few board papers, and you can transform into this tempting sweet snack! Here’s everything you need to look like Cotton Candy.

About Cotton Candy

Cotton candy is also known as candy floss in the UK and fairy floss in Australia. Cotton candy is made from mostly sugar with a little bit of food coloring. The sugar is heated until liquefied, and it solidifies into thin sugary strands through very small holes in the spinning machine.

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