Slim Jim Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Slim Jim Costume

Slim Jim Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Red Shirt Start off your Slim Jim costume with a simple red shirt. Then simply add the Slim Jim logo in the middle.
2 Yellow Pants Mimic the Slim Jim packaging by wearing a pair of yellow pants.
3 Red Shoes The Slim Jim packaging has a bit of red at the bottom so you should wear red shoes to copy this detail.
4 Dark Brown Paper Use dark brown paper to mimic the beef jerky picture in the Slim Jim packaging. You should also cut the top part in jagged lines, then wear this like a hat on top of your head.

Slim Jim is an American brand of beef jerky and is considered a snack food in the United States. Its packaging is mostly yellow with red details. Slim Jim began production in 1929 in Philadelphia. It has had many varieties throughout the year including the Original flavor, Tabasco Spice flavor, Philly Cheese Steak flavor, Sweet and Hot flavor, and so on.

Looking like a Slim Jim is easy, you just need to wear a yellow and red outfit with a slim brown hat on top of your head.

About Slim Jim

There are at least 21 varieties of Slim Jim in the United States, and about 500 million Slim Jims are produced every year.

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