Aquaman Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make a Aquaman Costume (2018)

Aquaman Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Pants Aquaman’s black pants make him look deadlier and sexier than ever before.
2 Aquaman-inspired Temporary Tattoos If you don’t want the commitment of tattoos but love Aquaman’s upper body look, you can always get temporary tatts.
3 Black Leather Armband Aquaman’s more casual and rugged look includes a black leather armband.
4 Brown Leather Armband Aquaman also pairs his black leather with a brown leather armband on the other arm.
5 Maori Pendant While Momoa is Hawaiian, a lot of inspiration was taken from New Zealand’s Maori people (both cultures are interrelated). Aquaman wears an awesome Maori pendant around his neck.
6 Long Wavy Wig Get Aquaman’s hairstyle with this fantastic long, wavy wig.
7 King Atlan’s Trident As king and ruler of the seas, Aquaman yields King Atlan’s Trident.
8 Kid Costume Set Transform your kid into Aquaman with this fun costume set.
9 Costume Set Feel like you rule all the oceans with this incredible costume set.

In the original Silver Age timeline, Aquaman was the son of human lighthouse keeper Tom Curry and exiled queen of the seas, Atlanna.

This is the back story they chose for the new film as well. He was brought up as a human but became the King of Atlantis when he reclaimed his throne.

Aquaman’s outfit has changed drastically since his debut in 1941. Both his classic Silver Age costume and his new 2018 look has fans in love!

Now, the King of the Seas opts for long wavy hair, upper body Maori tattoos, and tight black pants. Here’s everything you need to look like Aquaman.

How to make Classic Aquaman costume

You can also opt to go with Aquaman’s classic costume. All you will need are:

# Item
1 Orange Rash Guard
2 Green Scaly Leggings
3 Green Superhero Boots
4 Green Superhero Gloves

About Aquaman

Aquaman, also known as Arthur Curry, is a DC Comics superhero and the king of the underwater city of Atlantis. He possesses superhuman strength, swims at incredible speeds, and can communicate with marine life. Initially seen as a lesser-known hero, Aquaman’s character has been reimagined in recent years to be more formidable and complex. His portrayal in comic books, animated series, and a solo live-action film has garnered greater appreciation for his unique abilities and the rich mythology of Atlantis. Aquaman plays a crucial role in the Justice League and is a prominent figure in the DC universe.

Aquaman has been voiced by many actors throughout the years. He is portrayed by Jason Momoa in the 2018 film adaptation of DC’s Aquaman. Momoa is also known for his role as Khal Drogo in HBO’s Game of Thrones.

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