Ra’s Al Ghul Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Ra’s Al Ghul Costume

Ras Al Ghul Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Dress Shirt Start of your Ra’s al Ghul outfit with a white dress shirt.
2 Black Blazer Make sure to get a black blazer that looks great unbuttoned.
3 Black Slacks Match your blazer with a pair of black slacks.
4 Red Sash Add mystery to your look with a red sash around your waist.
5 Collared Cape Look like you know alchemy with a cool collared cape.
6 Black Dress Shoes Match your cool outfit with a classic pair of black dress shoes.
7 Gold Paint Use gold paint to add fancy details to your outfit.
8 White Hair Spray White spray is best for that Ra’s al Ghul hairstyle.

Ra’s al Ghul is infamous for his role as the leader of the League of Assasins. He is a well-known adversary of Batman and is dangerous because of his numerous skills.

Aside from being a highly-skilled martial artist and swordsman, Ra’s al Ghul also has a genius level of intellect which he uses primarily for criminal purposes. He is also the father of Talia Al Ghul.

He is also famous for his alchemic skills, and his interesting choice of outfit. There have been many variations to Ra’s al Ghul’s outfit, but a popular one is the one where he wears a white dress shirt and a collared cape. Here’s everything you need to look like Ra’s al Ghul.

About Ra’s Al Ghul

Ra’s al Ghul first appeared in Batman #232 which was published in 1971. He was created by the collaboration of Dennis O’Neil, Neal Adams, and Julius Schwartz.

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