Riddler Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Riddler Costume

The Riddler Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Dress Shirt Use this black dress shirt as the base of your outfit.
2 Purple Tie A purple tie is a nice detail that goes with The Riddler’s purple and green motif.
3 Green Riddler Jacket The Riddler loves his green blazer with question marks all over it.
4 Black Slacks Keep everything looking smart and formal with this pair of black slacks.
5 Green Oxfords Show some personality by wearing a pair of green Oxfords.
6 Riddler’s Cane Riddler’s cane is an iconic detail you shouldn’t forget.
7 Green Bowler Hat Riddler likes to wear a green bowler hat with a black ribbon and purple question mark drawn over it.
8 Purple Gloves Complete your look with a pair of purple gloves.
9 Black Eye Mask Don’t forget to keep your identity secret with this black mask.
10 Kids Costume Set Transform your kid into The Riddler with this costume set.
11 Costume Set No need to DIY your outfit if you get this costume set.
12 Costume Set Like the cat suit version of The Riddler better? Get this instead!

Edward Nygma, or The Riddler, is one of Batman’s smartest enemies. Recent comic versions have developed a storyline which depicts an obsessive compulsion that The Riddler has in leaving clues for Batman and the police for the crimes he is about to commit.

The Riddler has had a few outfits throughout his career. One of the most popular is when he’s wearing a green business suit with question marks all over, a green bowler hat, purple gloves, and his golden question mark scepter. Here’s everything you need to look like The Riddler.

About Riddler

The Riddler was portrayed by Frank Gorshin for the 1966 version of Batman: The Movie.

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