Ratcatcher 2 (Suicide Squad) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Ratcatcher 2 Costume

Ratcatcher 2 Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Steampunk Trench Coat A key piece of Ratcatcher 2’s outfit is her long black trench coat.
2 Black Pants Pair your coat with black pants.
3 Black Combat Boots Look extra edgy with a pair of sturdy black combat boots.
4 Ghoulish Gas Mask Complete your steampunk-inspired look with a gas mask.
5 Light Brown Acrylic Leather Paint Use brown leather paint to color in your gas mask to make it look more like Ratcatcher 2’s.
6 Steampunk Leather Pouch Belt Keep your essentials handy in a leather pouch belt.
7 Leather Holster Be ready for anything when you have a leather holster within reach.
8 Light Brown Fingerless Gloves Keep your hands warm with a pair of brown fingerless gloves.

Ratcatcher 2 is the daughter of the original Ratcatcher whose power is to control an army of small rodents. She is a member of Task Force X and was a big reason why Starro was defeated in the end. Despite living the life of a criminal, she is a sweet and friendly young woman who’d like to make friends with even the most dangerous of killers.

Ratcatcher 2 is an innocent person who’d rather have her rodents fight for her than becoming violent herself. She wears a black trench coat, black pants, brown fingerless gloves, and a signature gas mask.

About Ratcatcher 2

Ratcatcher 2 was portrayed by Daniela Melchior. Melchior is also known for her roles in Parque Mayer, Massa Fresca, and Assassin Club.

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