Dennis Mitchell (Dennis the Menace) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to make Dennis the Menace costume

Dennis The Menace Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Blue-Striped Shirt A cute little shirt for a cute little boy, Dennis wears a blue-striped t-shirt underneath his overalls that make him look clean and innocent
2 Red Overalls Like a really telling warning sign, Dennis’ bright red overalls alerts the people of his playful presence and calls for them to have a watchful eye for any mischief coming their way
3 White Sneakers Ever so curious about his environment, Dennis is constantly moving around to learn new things and, unconsciously, causes trouble along the way. To do so comfortably, he wears a sturdy pair of white sneakers with black details
4 Wooden Slingshot One of his favorite toys, Dennis’ slingshot has caused a lot of trouble for himself and for others
5 Brown Teddy Bear He may have friends like Joey (and Mr. Wilson, he likes to think) but Dennis’ best friend will always be his beloved Teddy
6 Baseball Bat Whoopsie daisy! Nothing spells mischief better than Dennis Mitchell holding a baseball bat

Dennis Mitchell is a clever and lovable 5 and a half-year-old boy full of wide-eyed curiosity and energy. Like any other young boy, he is also rambunctious which is why he always finds himself in the middle of mischief, much to his parents’ (and Mr. Wilson’s) dismay.

Better known as ‘Dennis the Menace,’ this cute little boy can be seen wearing a blue-striped shirt beneath his bright red overalls, a pair of white sneakers, and his trusty slingshot. Here’s everything you need to look like Dennis the Menace.

About Dennis the Menace

Our favorite mischievous five-year-old first wreaked havoc sixty-seven years ago when the comics was published in the newspaper on March 12, 1951. It may not seem that long but Dennis and his shenanigans have been ensnaring the hearts of his audience for more than half a century!

Coincidentally, on that fateful month in 1951, another comic strip was also published across the waters in the United Kingdom. It was also named Dennis the Menace! However, both comics do not have any relationship with each other, and the UK comic changed its name to Dennis and Gnasher.