Pusheen Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Pusheen Costume

Pusheen Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Light Grey Long-Sleeved Shirt Start off with a plain light grey long-sleeved shirt to match Pusheen’s fur.
2 Light Grey Leggings Match your shirt with a pair of light grey leggings.
3 Pusheen Beanie Add a little adorableness to your outfit with a Pusheen beanie atop your head.
4 Pusheen Slippers Look extra comfy and a lot cuter with a pair of Pusheen slippers on your feet.
5 Cat Mask Channel your inner feline self by wearing this cute cat mask.
6 Pusheen Onesie Don’t sweat DIY-ing your outfit when you can wear this adorable Pusheen onesie instead.

Pusheen is an ultra cute and chubby grey cat that stars in its own comics. It showcases the adorable everyday life and dreams of Pusheen. This webcomic has been in circulation on the internet since May 2010 with more than a hundred thousand followers.

Pusheen is extremely pudgy, has an adorable smile, and looks like a well-loved grey cat. To look like this cute cat, you will need to wear a light grey long-sleeved shirt, light grey leggings, Pusheen slippers, a Pusheen beanie, and a cat mask.

About Pusheen

Pusheen is a plump, gray tabby cat character known for its cute and endearing appearance. Created by artists Claire Belton and Andrew Duff, Pusheen first gained popularity through its animated webcomics. The character has since become a beloved figure in the world of social media, with its playful and relatable images often shared widely across various platforms. Pusheen’s merchandise, including plush toys and accessories, have also gained a dedicated following among fans of the adorable feline.

Pusheen was based on Claire Belton’s childhood pet: a chubby, gray, and tabby cat that she had adopted from a shelter.

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