Harry Hook Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to Make Harry Hook Costume

Harry Hook Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Lace Top Harry is a more stylish version of his father and wears a white lace top.
2 Black Cropped Pants Harry prefers more modern black cropped pants.
3 Red Captain’s Jacket Harry’s red captain’s jacket is more time-worn than his father’s.
4 Black Combat Boots Harry likes to wear a pair of sturdy black combat boots.
5 Black Fingerless Gloves Harry accessorizes with a pair of black fingerless gloves.
6 Black Tricorn Hat True to his pirate roots, Harry also wears a black tricorn hat.
7 Leather Belts Harry also accessorizes with multiple leather belts.
8 Pirate’s Hook Harry holds a pirate’s hook in homage to his father.
9 Full Costume You also have the option of custom made costume

Just like his father, Captain Hook before him, Harry Hook is a sneaky pirate through and through. Harry lives in the Isle of the Lost where all villains and their children reside. He is one of the descendants not chosen to live in Aurodon.

Harry Hook looks like a typical pirate, albeit a more stylish one. He wears a white lace top, black cropped pants, a red colonial jacket, fingerless gloves, and black combat boots. Here’s everything you need to look like Harry Hook.

About Harry Hook

Harry Hook is portrayed by Thomas Doherty.

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