Uma (Descendants) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Uma (Descendants) Costume

Uma Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Turquoise and Black Dress Get a turquoise and black dress.
2 Turquoise Jacket Top your dress with a turquoise leather jacket.
3 Black Finger-less Gloves Wear a pair of black finger-less gloves.
4 Black Leather Boots Choose a pair of black boots to match your outfit.
5 Black Pirate Belt Get a big pirate belt to put over your dress.
6 Black Pirate Hat Find a black pirate hat to match with your outfit.
7 Gold Necklace Look for a gold necklace to decorate your outfit.
8 Blue Bracelets Add more eye-catching element by wearing blue colored bracelets.
9 Wig Recreate Uma’s hairstyle with a blue and black braids wig.
10 Full Costume Full costume for girls of different ages
11 Full Costume #2 Another option including the dress, coat & gloves.

Uma rocks her turquoise, gold, and black color scheme. She has awesome braided hair with blue extension. Uma wears a blue pirate jacket, a blue dress, black finger-less gloves, black boots.

Her accessories include a pirate hat, a gold necklace, a pirate belt, and blue bracelets. Uma’s signature weapon is a pirate sword. Do you want to recreate her style? Just follow our list down below!

About Uma

Uma, portrayed by an American actress China Anne McClain, is the the main antagonist in a 2017 Disney TV movie Descendants 2, which follows Mal’s journey to the Isle of the Lost where she meets her former archenemy who is the daughter of Ursula named Uma.

Uma is the daughter of Ursula. She’s Mal’s archenemy and the leader of a crew of pirates on the Isle of the Lost where she raises her power and becomes a queen during Mal’s absence. Uma’s personality seemed to be manipulative and ambitious as well as sassy. Despite being the antagonist, Uma actually cares for her friends and pirates.