Luisa Madrigal (Encanto) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Luisa Madrigal Costume

Luisa Madrigal Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Puff Short Sleeve T Shirt Start off your outfit with a simple white puff-sleeved top.
2 Purple Flamenco Skirt Pair your top with a long, flowy purple maxi skirt or a flamenco skirt works, too.
3 Purple Ankle Strap Flats Stick to the purple theme and wear a pair of purple wedge sandals.
4 Red Ribbon Use a red ribbon to tie your hair back.
5 Woven Cloth Bracelet Set Wear one bracelet on each wrist like Luisa.

Luisa Madrigal is the middle child of the Madrigal family, and sister to Mirabel. She is gifted with super strength and is considered the rock of her family. But besides her physical strength, Luisa is also the most reliable member of her family is often the one who carries the burden without complaints.

Luisa Madrigal is someone who keeps to simple but feminine outfits. She wears a white puff-sleeved top, a purple maxi skirt, purple wedge sandals, twin bracelets, and a red ribbon to tier her hair away from her face.

About Luisa Madrigal

Luisa Madrigal was voiced by Jessica Darrow. Darrow is also known for her roles in Feast of the Seven Fishes, Disney Television Discovers: Talent Showcase, and Following Hannah Stone.

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