Raven Queen (Ever After High) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Raven Queen’s Costume

Raven Queen Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Purple Corset Get a purple corset to wear.
2 Purple Skirt Match the corset with a layered purple skirt.
3 Net Stockings Get a pair of net stocking to wear.
4 High Heels Put on a pair of leather high heels.
5 Long Purple Wig Recreate Raven’s hair with a long purple wig.
6 Spike Headband After dealing with a wig, put a headband on top.
7 White Feathered Shoulder Cover and Collar Wear a collar on top of the corset.
8 Hand Harness Bracelet Put a bracelet with ring harness on one of your hand.
9 Custom Costume Custom handmade costume for children.
10 Full Costume Readymade version in different sizes

Like other girls in the series, Raven Queen has her color scheme and it’s purple. She wears a purple corset, a purple skirt, a queen styled white collar, a spike tiara, bracelets, net stockings, and high heels. She also has purple hair which we will imitate, and carries a book as a prop. If you wish to recreate this look, please checkout our item list down below!

About Raven Queen

Raven Queen is a one of the characters in Ever After High, a Netflix series evolved from the franchise doll with the same name similar to Monster High. In the series, all the characters are based on those that we know from many fairy tales and classic stories such as Snow White, Aurora, and Goldilocks for example.

Raven Queen is deemed to be the next Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Obviously, she sides with the rebel group in the school conflict. More than that, she’s even named one of the founders since her rejection to the destiny inspires many people.