Rachel Green (Friends) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Rachel Green costume

Rachel Green Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Tank Top Rachel wears a simple black tank top underneath her shirt to keep her outfit warm and modest since she likes it unbuttoned on the top.
2 Light Blue Denim Shirt A huge ‘90s trend was wearing denim and Rachel gives her own rendition by wearing a light blue denim shirt, top buttons undone and bottom tied front.
2 Black Mini Skirt To keep her outfit stylishly simple, Rachel opts for a plain black mini-skirt.
4 Black Tights Since she’d be moving around a lot as a waitress, Rachel pairs her short skirt with black tights for added protection.
5 Black Closed Heel Shoes Rachel will always be a fashionista, and that can be seen with her choice of work-related footwear, a pair of black closed heel shoes.
6 Floral Half-Body Apron To keep coffee and food from staining her clothes, Rachel wears a floral half-body apron.

How to Get The Rachel’s Haircut

Rachel has had the most hairstyles out of all the characters in the series, and she was the style icon for many years to come. In fact, one particular style became so popular that it was dubbed “The Rachel.”

Recreate Rachel’s Makeup Tutorial

The ‘90s was the year for subtle makeup and cappuccino lips, try out below makeup tutorial.

Rachel Outfit

Rachel Green may have started her life as a rich, spoiled brat but her runaway bride stint ended all of that altogether when her father cut her off financially. Safe to say, it was the best decision of her life.

She got to meet an awesome group of friends and got to live a more meaningful life. But of course, old habits die hard. Rachel still loves anything beautiful and her outfits are still iconic to this day.

Rachel wore the best of the ‘90s and all her clothes are worth copying. But one outfit she’s known for is her uniform during her job as a waitress in Central Perk.

In this outfit, she wears a light blue denim shirt, black mini skirt with a floral apron, black tights, and black heeled shoes. Here’s everything you need to look like Rachel Green!

About Rachel Green

Rachel Green was portrayed by the talented Jennifer Aniston. She even won 3 major awards for her role.

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