Monica Geller (Friends) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Monica Geller costume

Monica Geller Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Crop Top Monica has a nice slim figure as an adult, and she usually shows it off by wearing cropped shirts. That is why in this outfit, she opts for a plain black crop top.
2 Black Striped Palazzo Pants Monica makes this pair of black striped palazzo pants look so elegantly sporty.
3 Black Leather Sneakers To complete her classy sports attire, Monica wears a pair of comfortable black leather sneakers.
4 Monica’s Wedding Ring Monica’s wedding ring had a funny story to tell but its design is anything but. The deep blue stones partnered with the clear crystals and silver band make it look so elegant and timeless. Good job, Chandler!

How to Get Monica’s Fat Suit

During her childhood, Monica was morbidly obese, and it was shown through some episodes of the show. Here’s everything you need if you want to look like Monica during her high school days.

# Item Description
1 Fat Suit Costume Extra padding would be needed to get the right effect.
2 Red Turtleneck Sweater Even with all the extra curves, Monica makes this red turtleneck sweater look good.
3 Dark Denim Classic-Fit Pants She matches her sweater with a comfy pair of dark denim classic-fit pants.

How to Get Monica’s Catwoman Costume

If you’re planning on going as a pair with your own Chandler Bing, why not try on Monica’s Catwoman costume from “The One With The Halloween Party”?

# Item Description
1 Black Leather Suit A classic Catwoman costume needs to be worn with an all-leather suit that’s tight-fitting and sexy.
2 Black Furry Cat Ears Monica wears her Catwoman costume with a pair of furry ears and a tail.
3 Black Heeled Boots Complete the sexy comic character outfit with an equally sexy pair of black heeled boots.

Other outfit ideas

# Item Description
1 Girls tee & sweatshirt wear it together with your bestie
2 Black tee optional

How to Get Monica’s Hair

Monica may not have as much hairstyles as Rachel throughout the entire run of Friends, but she had her fair share. If you need any inspiration for a Monica-inspired hairstyle, watch below video.

Monica’s Outfit ideas

Competitive, bossy, and a neat freak can define Monica Geller. As Ross’ younger sister, she was usually overshadowed by him during their childhood and that may be the reason why she loves a challenge.

But she is also one the sweetest and most caring characters in the series. In fact, her group of friends either frequent the Central Perk coffee shop or her spacious apartment.

Monica’s wardrobe is more athletic than Rachel’s but equally as chic. Some might say that the athleisure trend going on today was inspired slightly by her choice of clothes.

In this outfit, Monica wears a simple black crop top, black palazzo pants, and black leather sneakers. Here’s everything you need to look like Monica Geller.

About Monica Geller

Monica Geller was played by Courtney Cox who initially auditioned for the role of Rachel, but the directors thought she fitted Monica better. Good call!

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