Prince Hans (Frozen) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Prince Hans’s Costume from Frozen

This is where you can cop Prince Hans costume:

Prince Hans Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Coat Start with a white coat, preferrably with a coat tail.
2 Blue Vest Wear this blue vest under.
3 Fuchsia Neckerchief Add a fuchsia accent with this neckerchief.
4 Black Epaulet Top the coat with this dark epaulet.
5 Black Arm Guard Pair this black arm guard with the shoulder gear.
6 Blue Pants Match the vest with blue pants.
7 Brown Boots Slip on these brown knee-high boots.
8 Brown Wig Wear this brown wig.
9 Brown Sideburns Cop a matching set of brown sideburns to go with the wig
10 Costume Set For those looking for a packaged set, get this Prince Hans costume.

Prince Hans was introduced as a dreamy royal ready to make any princess fall in love with him. His pristine costume calls for admiration and it consists of a white coat with blue vest underneath as well as a fuchsia neckerchief.

This regal coat is fashioned with a black shoulder gear (to make up for the epaulet and dark collar) and a black arm guard to recreate his black cuffs. Finish the look of the coat with blue pants and brown knee-high hunting boots. Nail his costume and wear a brown wig and matching sideburns.

About Prince Hans

Prince Hans is a character from the animated film Frozen. He was introduced as one of the guests at the party and initially showed interest to Anna, who quickly fell in love with him.

He first presented himself as a lovely prince, beign a perfect gentleman to Anna.
After a series of schemes, he managed to convince Anna to be engaged with him while trying to take control of the throne in Elsa and Anna’s absence. His evil plans were foiled towards the end of the film.